Developed a unique tour to Greece for those interested not only sea

Developed a unique tour to Greece for those interested not only sea

Russian tour operator "Old town" offers visitors an interesting route covering Athens and seven Greek Islands: Lefkada, Kefalonia, meganissi depart, Skorpios, Madouri, Corfu, nisi.

For the participants of this expedition will open the following locations:

· the place where you fought Cervantes;

· birthplace of Odysseus, Ithaca;

· mystical nekromanteion with the mysterious Acheron river, which was transported to Hades the souls of the dead;

· Pag – resort town, which the British sold to the Ottomans on the eve of the war of liberation;

· the Church of St. Spyridon, where the relics of the Saint;

· Palace of Empress Elisabeth of Austria – Achillion, located on the island of Corfu, the theme for which was the Greek hero Achilles;

· Ioannina is a city which was the residence of the famous tyrant Ali Pasha;

· Flying the Meteora monasteries.

The program lasts for a week. During this period there will be many trips, which, while not limit a large amount of free time during which you can spend by the sea. In addition, after completing the sightseeing you can stay for a few days in the resort town Loutraki to enjoy a beach holiday.

In 2019, the first stage starts at 8.06. After this repeat program will be held only on September 14.

Tour cost for 2 persons- € 800. Accommodation is provided in a three-star hotel. Flights € 270 must be paid separately. The price also does not include the price of the visa and insurance.

Despite the richness of the program, the rhythm enables you to take holidays for children from 4 years. For children placed 2-bedded room, extra bed will have to pay 605 euros.

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