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Webcams Volga online sights of the city

Webcams Volga online in good quality allow to observe the city from any point of the globe, and the user opens broad prospects. As the palm can be seen this young industrial town on the Volga, explore its attractions, resorts, large production facilities and explore the beautiful scenery and nature.

In this city there are a lot of Webcams in the streets of Lenin and Sverdlov square, the promenade and near the Volga Humanitarian Institute, as well as the avenues and Central city administration. The main attractions of the city include the monument to Russian-Armenian friendship Park of culture and rest, city administration building, Lenin Square (DK-October) and military equipment on the streets of Stalingrad.

Lenin square is the Central place of the city, and on the web cameras you can see the busy traffic and local residents who celebrated the holidays and special events, namely concerts and performances of visiting actors. On the square is a fountain and the Church of St. John the Evangelist, an Art gallery and original monument of the Gopher and also the Palace of culture and sculpture of Vladimir Vysotsky.

View the sights and monuments of the Volga in real-time. The main shopping center in the city is considered the Central Department store on Lenin Prospekt, and the camera shows the live broadcast of the street and the entrance to the store. Today it is a large Department store which meets all the modern standards and requirements. Here you can quickly reach any point of the city, there are a lot of public transportation and active movement. Located near Volzhskiy Institute and the Central square of the city. Sports hall "Volzhanin" is in DK "October" and shows real-time activities and active life of citizens.

Webcams online Volga installed in many places, streets and spaces, landscapes and architecture of the Park of culture and leisure are striking in their beauty, originality and architecture. All of this can be viewed in real time from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection and computer or mobile device. Most cameras show the traffic on the streets, behaviour at pedestrian crossings and bus stops, allowing you to respond quickly to what is happening.

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Go to the city of Volzhsky. We have one of its squares. We see a bust of Sverdlov in the eponymous square, circular motion around it, and also several buildings surrounding the area. The camera is mounted in the entertainment center with its shops, cafes and a cinema.
Volzhsky, Russia 03.11.18
Sverdlov Square. Webcams Volga in real-time
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A huge pyramid in the southern part of the Volga is not a new art object, and modern aquapark "XXI century". He quickly became a favorite place of citizens and guests of the city.
Volzhsky, Russia 03.11.18
The aquapark XXI century. Webcams Volga online
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Web camera online broadcasts of the main roads of the city Volzhskiy Lenin Avenue. We look at it at the intersection with street of the Academician the Queen, which in addition to cars and trams, turning into the wide Avenue. The camera is mounted in 10-floor house No. 128.
Volzhsky, Russia 03.11.18
The intersection of Lenin Avenue and street of the Academician the Queen. Webcams Volga
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Lenin Avenue — the main transport artery of the Volga. It connects the bridge across the Volga in the South-Eastern outskirts of the Volga runs through the city. On the screen we see the intersection of this Avenue with the street Komsomol. Web camera online installed in the 1st quarter.
Volzhsky, Russia 03.11.18
The intersection of Lenin Avenue and Komsomolskaya street. Webcams Volga
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Webcam in Volga on the crossroad of Lenin Avenue and the streets Mechnikov directed to the side of the hospital campus. The nearest building in this town to this chamber — City hospital №1. It bears the name of Samuel Z. Fisher, honoured doctor of Russia.
Volzhsky, Russia 03.11.18
The intersection of Lenin Avenue and the street Mechnikov. Webcams Volga
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The camera is in the house 162 prospect Lenina shows us the intersection of the street of the Young guard with the prospectus of Lenin. On the screen we see the tram loop to the stop of "settlement work." Here unfold the trams No. 2, No. 2A and No. 3. On the other side of the Avenue is one of the towns hospital in the city.
Volzhsky, Russia 03.11.18
The intersection of Young street and Lenin Avenue. Webcams Volga
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Of No. 19, we look at the intersection of Alexander and the World. Here is a popular shopping and entertainment complex "Volgamoll." It was built in record time (just 1.5 years) in 2008.
Volzhsky, Russia 03.11.18
The intersection of Alexander and the World. Webcams Volga online
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Before us is a big intersection in the Eastern part of the city of Volzhskiy. Here is the intersection of Alexander and Pushkin streets. The foreground image can see the tram tracks which are laid 3 public transport routes.
Volzhsky, Russia 03.11.18
The intersection of Alexander and Pushkin. Webcams Volga online
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With a web camera on a tall building in the 25th district in full view of the intersection of Druzhby dual 40 years of Victory. Visible commercial office building located between 26th and 32nd districts. A little further to see the crossroads of 40 years of Victory street Karbysheva
Volzhsky, Russia 03.11.18
The intersection of Friendship, and 40 years of Victory. Webcams Volga online
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The camera in the 23rd district of the city of Volzhskiy installed near the intersection of Alexander and Friendship. Major traffic on these streets you will not see, but the frame often appear residents who go with public transport "ATS-9" in the parish of St. Prince Alexander Nevsky and Park anniversaries.
Volzhsky, Russia 03.11.18
The intersection of Alexander and Friendship. Webcams Volga online
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Webcam overlooking the intersection of Friendship and Olomouc, which got an unusual for the Russian ear the name in honor of one of the twin cities of the Volga, Czech Olomouc.
Volzhsky, Russia 03.11.18
The intersection of Friendship and Olomouc. Webcams Volga online
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We have one of the largest intersections in the Volga. At the intersection of General Karbyshev and Alexander is the hypermarket "Lenta" store "Saturnstroymarket", and the city Park of memorials. Camera is set in 9-floor house №95
Volzhsky, Russia 03.11.18
The intersection of General Karbyshev and Alexander.
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Look at one of the Central streets of the Volga. Before us is a street of General Karbysheva at the intersection with Pioneer street. On Karbysheva you can drive directly to the centre of the city — cars, moving up, after a few minutes to get to the area Karbysheva, which is located near Lenina square.
Volzhsky, Russia 03.11.18
The intersection of Generala Karbysheva and Pioneer. Webcams Volga
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Let's look at one more intersection in the city of Volzhsky. This time we see the traffic at the intersection of streets and Karbysheva Boulevard of trade Unions. At the intersection there is a stop of public transport operating in the mode of "on demand". From the Boulevard also has stop — "the 12th district".
Volzhsky, Russia 03.11.18
The intersection of the street of General Karbysheva Boulevard of trade Unions
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Private houses on the territory of the Volga look a little weird. You can see that the background image is visible multi-storey buildings. From the same high-rise building, we look at the 15th district.
Volzhsky, Russia 03.11.18
A view of the street Karbysheva. Webcams Volga online
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Stavanger, Norway 03.11.13
The Harbour Of Stavanger. Web camera online
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Sultan Ahmet Camii in Istanbul (Sultanahmet) web camera online
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TOSMUR. Webcam Alanya online
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Shark Island Sydney web camera online
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Istanbul, Turkey 08.02.14
The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul (Kapalı Çarşı) web camera online
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Irkutsk, Russia 17.11.13
Lake Baikal, Listvyanka web camera online
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