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Sharya — County town of regional subordination, industrial and cultural centre of the North-East of Kostroma region with a population of about forty thousand people. The city is located on low-lying left Bank of the river Vetluga and covers an area of 2530 hectares. The construction of the railway Vyatka-Vologda was carried out by the building office on the state Treasury. Road and locomotive depot Shar'ya began to build in 1903, and in June 1906, the section of road was put into operation. At the beginning of 1907 was completed the construction work of the depot. In the same year he completed construction of a station, water tower, 21st railway schools, hospitals with an outpatient clinic and residential houses on the street Vokzalnaya St. Sharya. During the construction of ruthlessly exploited the labor of the peasants. In place of the current warehouses mezhraibaza arose the cemetery called in the Tatar people, where they buried the dead from overwork and unsanitary living conditions of the builders.

The road to the station was down from the East. In Pinega by water from Sormovo was delivered in the disassembled kind the first locomotives of the series S and Od. From Vyatka river to the town of Kotelnich was built a temporary railway line. These locomotives and rolling stock used in road construction on the Candle and the Sharia. At the same time were built the stations, houses, water tower and water tower at the stations. Building vocalistguitarist roads require a lot of money, as the mile of rail lines cost an average of 50 thousand rubles in gold than the Imperial government at that time lacked, and therefore were forced to hand over the construction of the railway separate areas to private contractors. So on the site Wercinski — Sharya-Sokolowski (until 1960 it was called St. Zabehlice) all building and office facilities were handed over to the contractor Pargolovo, and construction with all of the excavation work contractor Mironov. The contractors were concluded with the workers indentured. The working day for construction was 12 hours. Adult worker per day of work receive 60 cents, and young workers, and Teens — for 30 cents. Construction of the railway bridge over the river Vetluga were Russian specialists and workers who already had extensive experience in the construction of bridges on other Railways of Russia. In June 1906 the construction of the bridge ended.

Its Foundation and development Shariya obliged the railway line here in the beginning of the last century. 24 ноября1906 year, the official opening of movement of trains, and the new railroad was called the Northern station, located at 701 km from Moscow — Sharya on the name of the river flowing a few hundred meters from the station. The name of the river was given Mari the ancient inhabitants of these places. In the Mari language has many words with the root "ball." In this case, more suitable garnome.sharash, which means "puddle" or logowoman.shore "river". Asiamerica the word Sharia means "river"[4]. In Russian, the name of the river was transformed into Sarinka. At the moment, the river swamped. Gradually, the station was rebuilt and in 1917 turned into a large village with a locomotive and wagon depot.

In 1938 a decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR of November 27, the working settlement of Sharya was converted into a town with a population of about 12 thousand people. With the formation in 1944 Kostroma region Sharya went into its composition and was classified as cities of regional subordination. During the great Patriotic war 24 thousand residents of the city with weapons in hands defended their Homeland. The nearly 8,000 — one in three — were killed in the fighting. Among them — Heroes of Soviet Union: D. Karazin, repeated the feat Gastello, V. Tanichev, A. Kolegov, I. Boborykin, V. Duchein; — full Cavaliers of order of Glory: S. Gromov, A. Krasnukhi. In the year of the 60th anniversary of the great Victory in the city was opened Memorial complex, where the bronze and granite immortalized the names of the dead fellow. Through the station of Sharya during the siege of Leningrad took place the echelons of the supply trucks from the siege of Leningrad, which stayed in Shar'ya. Deaths from starvation Leningrad citizens were taken off the train and were buried at the city cemetery Shar'i. Subsequently, at a cemetery in the gantry was a monument to the victims of the blockade of Leningrad residents. In 50-70 years, the city grew rapidly. PDO "Sharyadrev" from the factory had become the largest city-forming enterprise of the Kostroma region . Appeared sewing, furniture production, increased the number of enterprises in the food industry. The city's fast pace was under construction, grew new neighborhoods, hospitals, schools, colleges.
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The broadcast is being conducted from the center of Sharya (Kostroma region, Russia). The lens captures the road intersection of Oktyabrskaya and Pavlik Morozov streets. Nearby is the administration of Sharya, several shops, the Central shopping center. Nearby is the Museum of Local Lore and the Palace of Culture of Zheleznodorozhnikov. The broadcast is carried out in real time.
Sharya, Russia 08.12.21
City center. Sharya's webcams
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Webcam overlooking the station square in the city of Sharya (Kostroma region of Russia). The lens captures the square itself and the buildings adjacent to it, including the facades of the station itself. Near this place is Vokzalnaya street, there is a monument to the Steam Locomotive and a monument to V.I.Lenin. The broadcast is carried out in real time.
Sharya, Russia 07.12.21
Station Square. Sharya's webcams
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The camera is positioned in the village of Leninsky (Sharya, Kostroma region). The lens enters the playground near the Rembytservice building. The broadcast is carried out in real time. Therefore, you can observe both the situation on the playground or the weather, and walk around another city without leaving your home.
Sharya, Russia 07.12.21
Rembytservice. Sharya's webcams
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The camera overlooks the Sharya hotel in the city of the same name in the Kostroma region (Russia). The facility is located on Pavlik Morozova Street. The lens of the device, installed at the corner of the hotel building, captures a spacious, well-maintained area with a car parking, the building of a karaoke club and repair of gasoline tools, as well as other city buildings. The broadcast is carried out in real time.
Sharya, Russia 06.12.21
Hotel. Sharya's webcams
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Camera overlooking a regulated intersection in Sharya (Kostroma region, Russia). This area of the city is called "Watermelon Hill". The lens captures car traffic and adjacent sidewalks, houses, two-story buildings. The broadcast is broadcast in real time.
Sharya, Russia 06.12.21
Watermelon slide. Sharya's webcams
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The webcam transmits real-time -City Leisure Center in Sharya.
Sharya, Russia 09.03.19
The City Leisure Centre. Webcams Shar'i online
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The webcam transmits real-time - city Park of culture and recreation in the town of Sharya.
Sharya, Russia 09.03.19
City Park of culture and rest. Webcams Shar'i online
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The webcam is located on the so-called "Watermelon hill" at the intersection of Ordzhonikidze street and Admiral Vinogradov, in the city of Sharya, Kostroma region, Here Central city market. It is close to the automotive market, city administration, Palace of culture, as well as square Generations and several shopping centers.
Sharya, Russia 28.01.16
The intersection of Ordzhonikidze and Admiral Vinogradov. Asino web camera online
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Webcam attached to the shopping center "Apelsin", located on the street Admirala Vinogradova in Shar'ya, Kostroma region. Nearby you can also find several shopping centers and a Bank, the "locomotive" stadium and city hospital. A little further down the street you can see the Central market, market, and square Generations. The street leads to the city administration.
Sharya, Russia 28.01.16
Mall Orange. Asino web camera online
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The webcam produces a stream with the village of Vetluzhsky, located at the Western outskirts of the city of Shariya, Kostroma region, Russia works Here woodworking enterprise "Kronostar" is the largest manufacturer of wood-stoves in the country. The camera is located on Sadovaya street.
Sharya, Russia 28.01.16
PGT. Vetluzhskiy. Ul.Garden. Asino web camera online
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The webcam will provide a live broadcast from the shopping center "the Seagull" on Oktyabrskaya street, the city of Sharya, Kostroma region. This is one of the largest arteries of the settlement. On it are the sleeping quarters. There are several schools, shopping centers, banking institutions, and also the railway Palace of culture, Church. Nicholas, the memory Square and the city administration.
Sharya, Russia 28.01.16
Street October. Asino web camera online
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