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Crossroads of B. Khmelnitsky avenue and st. University. Melitopol webcams


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Melitopol webcams, which you can watch on this site, allow you to travel online, despite the situation in the country, restrictions on the borders and the landscape outside the window.

Those who are lucky enough to get to this cozy city in the south of Ukraine should know which sights of Melitopol are worth visiting in the first place.
One of the most favorite places for recreation of residents and guests of the city is the Molochny estuary. In addition to picnics and photo sessions, there are excellent fishing opportunities. The reservoir has a huge variety of ichthyofauna representatives, for hunting which fishermen from all over the region come to Melitopol.

Another landmark place for a beach holiday is the Kirillova resort.

The most famous beaches here are called "Peresyp" and "Fedotova Spit". There is enough space here to fit in a large company, and the gentle coastline will allow you to rest comfortably even with small children. The location is located 60 km from Melitopol, whose webcams can be viewed in real time.
You can find out detailed facts about the nature, history and original culture of the Melitopol region in the Museum of Local Lore. His collections are kept in a luxurious mansion that once belonged to the wealthy merchant Chernikov, and today is an architectural monument.

The Miletopol Museum of Local Lore was founded at the beginning of the last century.

At the time, the collection included 180 stuffed birds. Later, the collection was combined with the exposition of the city real school. The museum was moved to its current location in 1967. Today, over 60 thousand exhibits are kept within the walls of the museum.
Anyone interested in history and antiquities should also visit Kamenny Bugor, located on the territory of the reserve of the same name. It is a sandy outlier mountain that emerged from the Sarmatian Sea, the waters of which splashed here millions of years ago. Later, the Black, Caspian and Azov seas originated from it. And in memory of ancient times, there is a hillock, split under the influence of water and winds into hundreds of stone slabs. Today there is a complex of underground caves and grottoes. Many people call this place the Stone Tomb and add up all kinds of fables about it. It was here that a mammoth tusk was found.

If it is not yet possible to go to Ukraine, Melitopol webcams will eliminate this drawback.

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Webcam overlooking the intersection of Heroes of Ukraine Street with Bohdan Khmelnitsky Avenue. The device rotates 360 degrees with some viewpoints approaching. It works around the clock thanks to the presence of infrared LEDs, which improve visibility. In this part of the city there is a tax office, a monument to the Heroes of the Underground, a pizzeria, a polyclinic, a college, a monument to Ostap Bender, the Passage and Kvartal shopping centers, a photo zone with the city's logo.
Melitopol, Ukraine 21.11.21
Overview webcam of B. Khmelnitsky ave. And st. Heroes of Ukraine
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Camera with a view of the intersection of B. Khmelnitsky Avenue and Schmidt Street in Melitopol (Ukraine). The lens covers traffic on a road junction and the adjacent territories. Residential buildings, ATB supermarket, parking lots, kiosks are located near the crossroads. The broadcast is carried out in real time.
Melitopol, Ukraine 20.11.21
Crossroads of B. Khmelnitsky avenue and st. Schmidt. Melitopol webcams
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The device is installed at the central entrance to the Park. Gorky in Melitopol. It is one of the oldest and most important recreational facilities in the city. The camera is rotary. Her lens captures the central alley, car traffic along B. Khmelnitsky Avenue towards Ivan Alekseev Street. Broadcast in HD quality is carried out in real time.
Melitopol, Ukraine 19.11.21
Gorky Park. Melitopol webcams
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Webcam overlooking the railway station in Melitopol. In the lens of the device, the spacious station square, as well as the old station building, disappear. The building was erected in the style of classical architecture with a massive colonnade at the main entrance, decorative pediments. Behind you can see passenger platforms, technical structures. The broadcast is conducted online.
Melitopol, Ukraine 18.11.21
Train Station. Melitopol webcams
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Device overlooking Victory Square in Melitopol (Ukraine). The lens captures B. Khmelnitsky Avenue, a landscaped area of the square, with flower beds, a monument to T.G. Shevchenko. The largest Palace of Culture of Melitopol, the Central Library, the Arch of the Liberators and the main city fountain are also located here. Broadcast in HD format is conducted around the clock in real time.
Melitopol, Ukraine 17.11.21
Victory Square. Melitopol webcams
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The webcam is installed at the Central Market of Melitopol (Ukraine). The lens captures the parking lot at the ATB supermarket, a public transport stop, traffic along Universitetskaya street. The Melitopol market is multi-product. He works seven days a week. The oldest city square is located near the market. The broadcast is carried out in real time.
Melitopol, Ukraine 16.11.21
Central market. Melitopol webcams
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Overview (panoramic) webcam overlooking Victory Square in Melitopol (Ukraine). This is the central part of the city, which opens up from a bird's eye view. The view has 360-degree coverage. And the broadcasting of the device is round-the-clock, in real time. With the help of the device, you can observe the weather, city life, beautiful city landscapes.
Melitopol, Ukraine 15.11.21
Victory Square. Melitopol webcams
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The camera is installed in the city of Melitopol (Ukraine). The lens captures the intersection of Bohdan Khmelnitsky and Hetman Sagaidachny streets. This is the central artery of the city, along which the M-18 motorway passes, leading from Kharkov to the Crimea. The broadcast is carried out in real time
Melitopol, Ukraine 14.11.21
Crossroads of B. Khmelnitsky avenue and st. Getman Sagaidachny. Melitopol webcams
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