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The Novorossiysk webcam broadcasts a panoramic view of the city in real time.

Novorossiysk is located on the shore of the Tsemesskaya Bay. It is considered the largest port in Russia and on the Black Sea coast. In addition, the base of the Black Sea Fleet is located in the city.

The history of Novorossiysk, whose webcams are available on the site, originates from the Greek colonists.

Archaeological excavations confirm that the first settlements appeared here in the 6th century BC. BC. Then there was the Greek city of Bata. It was predominantly a trading settlement, although agriculture, fishing and handicrafts were also developed here. Almost all the city-states of the Black Sea region in the 5th century. BC. united in the Bosporan kingdom. Bata was no exception and ended up on the southeastern border of the new state. It is not known exactly where the city was located. It is believed that the settlement was located on the site of the seaport. A good location was appreciated not only by the Greeks, but also by the Genoese.

In the XIII century. they created their graying here called Batario.

It was located on the site of the current October Square. It existed until the 15th century. until the Turks took over.
In 1722, the Sujuk-Kale fortress appeared here. It was not very large, but in plan it was a square. In the corners there were five-sided towers-bastions, on which the guns were located. It was surrounded by ditches and oxen around the perimeter. The main gate led to the seaport. During the Russian-Turkish wars, Sujuk-Kale became a real stronghold of the struggle. The Turkish fleet began to be located here and a landing was being prepared on the territory of the former Crimean Khanate. Although such actions were contrary to the terms of the Kyuchuk-Kainarji agreement. Turkey was supposed to withdraw its troops from here and leave the fortress to the Tatar population, but instead, the oppression of this people began.
After the liberation from the power of the Ottoman Empire, the Russian generals began to think over a plan for the development of a new territory. On September 12, 1829, a detachment of Russian soldiers landed here. This day is considered the birthday of Novorossiysk, whose webcams allow you to walk around the city in real time. Count Mikhail Vorontsov became the manager of these territories, although General Nikolai Raevsky played an important role in the development of the city and port. It was this man who managed to convey to Emperor Nicholas I the idea of ​​creating a port here.

Already in 1839, Novorossiysk received the status of a city, webcams allow you to see the city landscapes online.

After his resignation, the development of this area was continued by Admiral Serebryakov, who turned the settlement into a major Black Sea port. It is in honor of this man that the city embankment is named.
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The Novorossiysk webcam broadcasts a view of the street of the Revolution of 1905 in real time. It is located in the Central area of the city. Its length is more than 2 km. It received this name in 1955 in honor of the 50th anniversary of the first Russian revolution. Prior to that, it was called Velyaminovskaya.
Novorossiysk, Russia 24.03.22
Street of the Revolution of 1905. Webcams Novorossiysk
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The webcam of Novorossiysk broadcasts in real time a view of Kunikova Street. The camera lens captures residential areas and the Tsemess Bay itself. This street is named after the Hero of the Soviet Union Caesar Kunikov.
Novorossiysk, Russia 23.03.22
Kunikov street. Webcams Novorossiysk
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Webcam Novorossiysk in real time broadcasts a view of the intersection of st. Ledneva and st. Peace. Online you can see what is happening on the roads and weather conditions. In addition, a small piece of the sea gets into the camera lens.
Novorossiysk, Russia 17.03.22
Crossroads st. Ledneva and st. Peace. Webcams Novorossiysk
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The Novorossiysk webcam broadcasts a view of Lenin Avenue in real time. It is one of the central in the city. Previously, it was called Nagornaya. In 1961, it was renamed Gagarin Street, and it received its current name in 1967.
Novorossiysk, Russia 14.03.22
View of Lenin Avenue. Webcams Novorossiysk
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The webcam of Novorossiysk in real time broadcasts the view of the sea station. The lens captures the road, the embankment, the station building and the sea. The current building was built in 1974. It is several times larger than the previous one and differs from the old building with an observation tower. The renovated sea terminal was opened in 1980.
Novorossiysk, Russia 12.03.22
Maritime Station. Webcams Novorossiysk
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The webcam transmits real-time Chernyakhovskogo Boulevard in Novorossiysk. On the shore, which from above resembles a horseshoe, lies the hero-city of Novorossiysk.
Novorossiysk, Russia 08.12.18
Boulevard Chernyakhovsky. Webcam Novorossiysk online
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Webcam shows Tsemes Bay of Novorossiysk in real time. The tsemes Bay is the 2nd largest Bay of the Sevastopol Bay, from may to October in good weather there are parked vehicles of all classes. The name Bay got from the fact that it flows into the river Tsemes.
Novorossiysk, Russia 08.12.18
Tsemes Bay.Webcam Novorossiysk online
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Web camera online with fine views of the sea port of Novorossiysk. Novorossiysky sea port is one of the largest ports of the Black sea and the largest port in Krasnodar region. Record ports of Russia for the length of the mooring line, reaching a length of 8.3 km.
Novorossiysk, Russia 08.12.18
Seaport. Webcam Novorossiysk online
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The webcam transmits real-time Outside of the Provincial street in the Central district of the city-hero of Novorossiysk. It starts from the streets of Freedom, interrupted by ruby street, then continues from the streets of Novorossiysk Republic street Cedrika.
Novorossiysk, Russia 08.12.18
Street Provincial. Webcam Novorossiysk online
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Webcam broadcasts cuisine pizzeria "Dodo Pizza" is an international pizza chain that was born in Syktyvkar, and now works in nine countries around the world.
Novorossiysk, Russia 08.12.18
Dodo pizza. Webcam Novorossiysk online
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