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Street of General Tolstikov. Webcams Kaliningrad


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An online webcam is installed in the courtyard of house number 17 on General Tolstikov Street in Kaliningrad.

The review covers the local area, parking lot, roadway, as well as residential skyscrapers in the background. The broadcast is transmitted in real time.
Kaliningrad is a stunning city that, surprisingly, has absorbed Russian and Western European culture.

Therefore, Kaliningrad webcams, which you can watch online on this site, will give you a unique walk along the streets of a Russian city with a foreign flavor.

The history of Kaliningrad is very unusual. The thing is that until 1946 Kaliningrad was Koenigsberg and belonged to Germany. However, after the victory of the USSR in World War II, the city was transferred under the control of the Soviet Committee, and after 1991 - the Russian Federation.
The chronicle of this city began much earlier, in the middle of the XIII century. Thanks to its rapid development, as well as a multifaceted culture, Kaliningrad has received stunning architecture and historical heritage.
Walking along the streets of Kaliningrad, you can see ancient temples and fortresses, real medieval castles, reminiscent of European pages in the city's history. This city is a three-time champion among the best in the country. Therefore, every traveler must see it.

The most popular attraction in Kaliningrad is the Curonian Spit.

The spit stretches for almost 100 km and is a thin strip of land, washed on one side by the bay of the same name, and on the other by the Baltic Sea. The landscapes on the spit are represented by sand dunes, which echo the dense forests inhabited by wild animals.
Most travelers love this place for good, clean beaches, as well as interesting natural objects - Swan Lake, the peaks of Efa and Müller, the Dancing Forest. The complex of the Curonian Spit is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. But there are also outstanding man-made sights in this wonderful city.
In the Middle Ages, Kaliningrad was surrounded by powerful fortress walls. It was possible to get here through 7 gates. Some of them were called Brandenburg. They have been perfectly preserved to our time, becoming one of the oldest sights of the city. Interestingly, the original building was made of wood. The structure was created in stone under King Frederick II. And already in the 19th century, the gates were restored and almost completely changed their appearance, in which they appear today to tourists. Everyone should definitely see this amazing object.

If you can’t go that far yet, Kaliningrad webcams will show these regions in virtual mode.

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The Museum of the World ocean — Russia's first comprehensive ocean Museum in Kaliningrad. It has exhibitions devoted to navigation, marine flora and fauna, Geology and hydrology of the oceans, as well as library and environmental station.
Kaliningrad, Russia 09.02.19
The Museum of the World ocean. Webcam Kaliningrad online
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A resort town in the Kaliningrad region of the Russian Federation, the administrative center of Zelenogradsky municipal district. On 29 March 1999, Zelenogradsk recognized as a Federal holiday resort specialising in balneotherapy.
Kaliningrad, Russia 14.10.17
Sunset in Zelenogradsk web camera online
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Zelenogradsk - resort city in the Kaliningrad region of the Russian Federation, the administrative center of Zelenogradsky municipal district.
Kaliningrad, Russia 22.08.17
The beach in Zelenogradsk web camera online
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The stadium will be built specifically for the world Cup in 2018. Originally it was planned that the new stadium will seat 45 015 spectators, but at the end of September decided to change the capacity of 35 000 months
Kaliningrad, Russia 20.08.17
Stadium In Kaliningrad. Kaliningrad webcam online
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Kaliningrad webcam online. The Cathedral is one of the favorite cultural spaces, which organized many diverse events serving entertainment in Kaliningrad.
Kaliningrad, Russia 20.08.17
Cathedral. Kaliningrad webcam online
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The Memorial Of Military Glory. Znamensk is a settlement in Gvardeysky district of Kaliningrad region of Russia with a population of about 4 thousand people.
Kaliningrad, Russia 20.08.17
The Memorial Of Military Glory. Znamensk web camera online
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Camera with view of the unique World ocean Museum located on the waterfront of Peter the Great in Kaliningrad. This is Russia's first Maritime Museum, the exhibition which tells about the features and history of navigation, Navy, marine inhabitants, Geology and hydrology of the ocean. Also in the Museum you can see the Maritime library and working costanzi.
Kaliningrad, Russia 11.08.16
Embankment Of Peter The Great. Panarama web camera online
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