The flight of aircraft in real time – benefits of service

Flights in real time It has been over 100 years since then when the first aircraft under the control of the person off the ground and rushed into the sky. And, despite the fact that his flight lasted about a minute, it was the first step to the emergence of entire disciplines related to aviation, without which in our days is simply not enough.

As you know, modern aircraft control not only in heaven but also on earth. Dispatch centers, equipped with sophisticated and expensive equipment, are designed to monitor their safe movement in the air and adjust the work of the pilots. Certainly, many of you have seen them on TV and noticed in the workplace Manager mounted display, allowing to observe the flight of aircraft in real time.

The introduction of satellite systems in the civil aviation world and the Internet allows today to arrange tracking of aircraft in real time, using an ordinary home computer. This unique opportunity provides a free service "Flightradar24", whose functionality is quite broad. In particular, it allows online to observe the trajectory of a large number of passenger liners equipped with a navigation device - ADS-B transponder.
Полеты самолетов в реальном времени Flightradar24 – преимущества сервиса

How to use a map aircraft in real time?
Turning to the service Flightradar24, you will see a detailed drawn map of the world with the ability to change zoom and enter into the search fields the names of cities and there should be takeoff and landing you are interested in liner. Pointing any moving object, you will see how it immediately changes color, and when you click an interactive map instantly displays the path of the aircraft a multi-colored line. On this trajectory it is possible to judge the altitude of the aircraft, focusing on the colour chart located on the website.

If you want, you can find information about the model of plane, name of the airline to which it belongs, to clarify the flight details and even see a picture of his appearance. Service "Flightradar24", thanks to accurate and reliable data, be useful and to meet the narrow-minded interest, and to conduct serious calculations.

Who and what useful service Flightradar24?
For example, flights in real time will be useful to those who intend to assess the efficiency of a particular airline. Knowing the flight schedule, it is possible to analyze the stated terms of flights and to judge the professional qualities of any company that provides air transport.

Invaluable assistance can provide this service and in educational institutions. Connecting the computer to the projector or whiteboard, the teacher can use it as a visual aid and to acquaint their students with the work of modern aviation. Seeing the aircraft in real time and presenting the kind of hard and responsible work is performed by dispatchers of airlines, students will discover many new things.

Thanks to Flightradar24 is now so easy to learn about all flying by civil aircraft over your area. You can see how to fly the ship on Board of which are your friends or relatives, and simply feel yourself in the role of air traffic controller and sense the scale and development of modern technologies.

The developers of this truly unique service has tried their best. They were able to combine the information transmitted from satellites of different countries into one whole and to show the user movement of aircraft hundreds of airlines from around the world. Being the first time on our website, you will become a witness of the whole air transport industry and probably share your experiences with friends and colleagues!

Полеты самолетов в реальном времени – преимущества сервиса

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