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07.09.2018 In Europe, the best tourist island

The publication Travel+Leisure have carried out a large-scale survey to find out which destination is the best. In the framework of this survey the tourists and travelers had to rate the best European Islands.

07.09.2018 Named a list of the most popular tourist countries

World tourism organization conducted a study in which found out which countries have the greatest popularity among tourists.

07.09.2018 In Egypt, more expensive entrance to museums

On the first of November the authorities of the two tourist spots of the country plans to lift prices on Museum tickets. The price hike can be expected at Cairo and Luxor, and the statement has already been published by the relevant ministries.

07.09.2018 Published a list of the most photographed cities in 2018

Travel Pulse published a list of cities that, in comparison with others, were more likely to explore photo. Data for the study was provided by one of the largest agencies.

07.09.2018 The restoration of famous Turkish castle will be completed by the summer of 2019

One of the resort cities of Turkey – Bodrum is known, first and foremost, thanks to the castle of St. Peter, the restoration of which began almost a year ago. At the moment, the city authorities have declared that all work will be completed no later than summer 2019.

07.09.2018 Cyprus will host the opening of its first hotel one of the most famous networking

Radisson Hotel Group is one of the most popular hotels in the world – announced plans to open its first hotel in Cyprus.

07.09.2018 Resort of the Alps covered with snow

During a typical hot season nature in the Alps and were able to present a small surprise in the mountains have started a real strong winter. In the Alps fell to 40 centimeters of snow on this trick nature, reported local and international weather service.

29.07.2018 Football World Cup has caused a decrease in the number of tourists in Thailand

Mundial 2018, which ended just two weeks ago, had a negative impact on the number of tourists in Thailand. The Ministry of Tourism of this state recently published official data on this matter.

29.07.2018 Asia will become the new leader in tourism by 2025

Forecasts of experts in the field of tourism clearly indicate the leadership position of Asian countries in terms of the attention of tourists from around the world. From the latest reports it becomes clear that 96% of the most popular cities for tourists in seven years will be concentrated in Asian countries.

21.07.2018 In the Dolomites are now so easy not to get - the Italian authorities have limited access

Sen's Pass, which allows you to reach the highest possible speed through the Dolomites from Trento to Bolzano will become difficult to access. The Italian authorities limit access to road transport in this part of the country.

18.07.2018 Protect tourists in Prague plan a ban on bicycles!

The most popular tourist areas of the capital of the Czech Republic are planned to be closed for cyclists. According to authorized representatives of the local government, such a measure is aimed at securing tourists.

17.07.2018 Robots attack and win - China opens the door to a robotic hotel

Recently, the hotel started working, where human personnel almost completely replaced robots of different configuration and configuration.

13.07.2018 In Instagram, replenishment is planned - Egypt begins to popularize in the social network!

The Ministry of Tourism has decided to start promoting various tourist sites through digital channels. The official announcement was published recently on the main page of the Egyptian general administration.

09.07.2018 Tickets online - a tour of Greek museums can be booked online!

Familiar to the influx of tourists, the country knows firsthand about the queues and mass gatherings of the people. That is why, responsible for the tourism sector have developed a website project for the sale of electronic tickets to various tourist centers throughout the country.

13.05.2018 The best beaches in the world collected in one rating

The portal Skyscanner was created the ranking of the best beaches in the world. The basis of this list were based on the assessments, which put the travelers and guides.

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