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13.05.2018 The best beaches in the world collected in one rating

The portal Skyscanner was created the ranking of the best beaches in the world. The basis of this list were based on the assessments, which put the travelers and guides.

11.05.2018 In Valencia imposes restrictions on rental housing the visiting tourists

The authorities of the city of Valencia, as well as other Spanish cities decided to introduce certain restrictions on the rental of tourist accommodation. Under the new rules, tourists can rent only 1 or 2 floor of the building.

09.05.2018 The observation of the starry sky in a Spanish Park

Spanish town Albania, which is located in the Girona, was the place where he began his work Park of international format of "Dark sky" for all fans to watch the stars.

07.05.2018 "Gastro" Gastro hotel RH Canfali started in Benidorm

At the end of reconstruction, which lasted about six months, in Benidorm started Gastro RH Canfali hotel (4 stars). This place is in the same area where it was another hotel of the group, but without the status of Gastro and had only 2 stars.

05.05.2018 Dubai Pass is a universal "key" to all attractions of Dubai

The authorities of Dubai decided to start a new project, through which visitors will be able to enjoy all sights of the city, excursions and entertainment.

03.05.2018 For the fourth time in a row, the Maldives can become the best Spa destination

The Maldives once again nominated for the title of best Spa destinations in the Indian ocean. As it became known, the voting results will be announced during the ceremony of the 2018 World Spa Awards, which is scheduled for Oct.

01.05.2018 Began the summer season at the Vienna Museum quarter

In the Vienna Museum quarter, the start of the summer season. Launched a new reporting period with a great free concert, which was held at the fresh air of the Vienna Symphony orchestra. The official part took place on 12 may 2018.

15.04.2018 In Ireland opened a new fancy hotel with transparent domes.

In the town of Enniskillen in the North of Ireland has opened a new hotel has just seven rooms. Each of them is an interesting design project that are embodied in the form of a transparent dome.

15.04.2018 Free Wi-Fi the beaches of Benidorm

The power of one of the most popular resorts of the Costa Blanca decided to give its visitors access to free Internet. Association of tour operators of Russia reports that will provide the services of high speed Internet about 20 thousand people.

15.04.2018 Tourists can experience difficulties with confirmation of hotels in Dubai

A number of hotels in the UAE ceases to meet tourists due to the lack of available rooms. Tour operators have been warned about the problem. The reason was a very high demand from not tourist markets.

15.04.2018 Spain started "restaurant Week"

Spain started "restaurant Week". During her more than 300 establishments in Spain will significantly reduce prices on their menu. 12 April-6 may, about three hundred restaurants will develop a special menu at reduced prices.

15.04.2018 Tourists in Milan will have the opportunity of self-collection of fruit

Edition MilanoToday reports that residents and tourists who visit the city will have the opportunity of picking fruits directly from trees. While the permit is valid only in the territory of one city Park.

15.04.2018 Japan plans to enter the departure tax for tourists

Edition The Japan Times reported that since the beginning of 2019 tourists who leave the country, will pay a new tax. The government of Japan has adopted a law that reglamentary the tax payment.

15.04.2018 In Venice can be introduced the tourist tax

The Venetian authorities issued a proposal to introduce a kind of resort fee for those tourists who come to the city is not planning to spend the night there.

26.03.2018 A favorite among ski lovers – Krasnaya Polyana

According to the latest data, the largest number of Russian tourists went skiing in Krasnaya Polyana. Statistics are for the holidays this year.

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