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Leblon Beach. Rio de Janeiro webcam online

Leblon Beach. Rio de Janeiro webcam online

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Rio de Janeirofamous not only for its Samba carnivals, but also architectural delights, which spread in the decoration of chapels, palaces, cathedrals, museums. Urban Portuguese library can please locals and tourists a facade executed in exotic style "Manueline". The racks bend from the books, in the middle of the reading room hangs a magnificent chandelier, the floor is paved in mosaic, the Windows are decorated with stained glass. The bookshelf is assembled of dark carved wood. Brazilian Royal library is no worse than the Portuguese. The beginning of life state institution takes in 1755 in Lisbon. But large-scale flood radically changes the plans and the collection of books, which is about 9 million units transported inBrazil. It is recommended to visit the Museum of modern art. The Creator of the futuristic buildings was Oscar Niemeyer, who lived a long 105-year life, leaving behind many interesting projects. The building's style completely alien. A brief presentation of what he saw – in the middle of Rio de Janeiro landed UFO or came out of nowhere enormous bowl on the leg. The walls are made of polished concrete, there are glass, water elements. The drawings were brought to life for 5 years and the result is, of course, was delighted. As the gallery here going collection of Joan Sattamini and other international artists. But the most important landmark, having no General name, is the surrounding nature. The city has enough protected areas designed to preserve the most precious thing you have citizens unity with the world under his feet, with what many have become accustomed to the Atlantic forest. Every street is decorated with incredible beauty of trees and plants. Dense thickets hold the abundance of varieties of animals: pantanelli deer, a Brazilian monkey, capybara, sloth, Jaguar. Cultural values supported by the Foundation of the Theatre of Opera and ballet. Room is pretty roomy – 2357 places. The theatre is built in neo-Renaissance style, decorated with works of Rodolfo Amosu and Malaga cf Visconti. Along the facade there are columns, roof dome with a Golden eagle, marble statues Dance, Song, Tragedy and Comedy, which is very symbolic. The interior decorated with beige marble, porphyry, bronze, green onyx. The auditorium is divided into three tiers. Open balconies with carved gilt garlands and rosettes. Everything looks amazing, even the curtain, painted Visconti – talented Brazilian painter.
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Camera overlooking the football stadium, most of the country. Football center in Rio de Janeiro's famous maracanã, which is considered the heart and soul of the whole of Brazil. Until recently, the stadium was the largest in the world. It is the home arena of such legendary football clubs like Flamengo, Fluminense, Brazilian national team.
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 05.04.16
The Maracanã Stadium. Rio de Janeiro webcam online
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Webcam overlooking the beach of Macumba, stretching from South-Western outskirts of Rio de Janeiro. The main feature of the beach – high waves that has long been appreciated by local and visiting fans of extreme kinds of rest on water. Wide beach with soft sand and lovely mountain views is perfect for sunbathing and to enjoy the beauty of local nature.
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 05.04.16

The Beach Of Macumba. Rio de Janeiro webcam online
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The camera transmits a view of the beach in Rio de Janeiro, famous for a popular song of the 60's- "Girl from Ipanema". Adjacent to the beach, the namesake resort, ranked second among the most prestigious, after Leblon. Setting on the beach of Ipanema is more relaxed than, for example, at the Copacabana. One of the features of the beach is more peaceful waters that will appreciate the guests families with children and the elderly.
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 05.04.16
Of Ipanema Beach. Rio de Janeiro webcam online
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The camera is located in the southern part of the city of Rio de Janeiro, overlooking one of the richest districts of são Conrado. Here live families of wealthy segments of the population, upscale establishments, luxury boutiques, luxury hotels. There is also a well-equipped sandy beaches, one of which enters the lens of this web camera.
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 05.04.16
São Conrado. Rio de Janeiro webcam online
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The camera is in the district of urca (Rio de Janeiro) is one of the most picturesque and romantic places of this wonderful city. The view embraces the coastline and slopes of Sugarloaf mountain, as well as building hotels and restaurants, surrounded by tropical greenery.
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 05.04.16
Red Beach, urca district, Rio de Janeiro webcam online
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The camera is near Atlantic Avenue. This is one of the main streets of the city of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). The artery lies between the Copacabana of the line of the ocean. Here are some of the most significant events in the life of the city. The highway also often referred to as "Avenue events".
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 05.04.16
Avenue Atlantic. Rio de Janeiro web Cam online
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The camera will provide a live broadcast of one of the most bombastic parts of Rio-de-Janeiro – Barra-da-Tijuca. Here you will find many fashionable restaurants, trendy boutiques, night clubs for VIPs. It is in this area and is one of the most luxurious beach resort.
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 05.04.16
Barra da Tijuca beach. Rio de Janeiro web Cam online
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Camera overlooking the cultural centre in the district of Gávea in Rio de Janeiro. This complex created in the former manor house, rich Brazilian banker. This area of the city is one of the most expensive for living and recreation. Work here are luxury restaurants, luxury hotels, VIP clubs.
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 05.04.16
Gávea (Gavea) is a district of Rio de Janeiro in real time
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View of the Fort of coastal defense in Rio de Janeiro, located in Copacabana. The Fort was built in the early twentieth century to protect the Bay. In our days, the Fort began the construction of the beach club. Here, in the framework of the Olympic games in 2016, the competitions in triathlon and swimming.
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 04.04.16

Fort Copacabana webcam online
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The camera is mounted overlooking the world-famous beach of Rio de Janeiro- Copacabana, belonging to the district of the same name that was developed separately from the city. In the mid-twentieth century, this area was like to live Brazilian Bohemian and intellectual elite today is one of the richest areas of the city where also are Brazilian festivals and carnivals, regattas and city holidays with unforgettable fireworks.
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 06.12.14

The Copacabana Beach. Rio de Janeiro web Cam online
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Rio de Janeiro, the capital and second largest city in Brazil. It is a charming town in the evening, when the lights of the city at night, Rio becomes especially attractive and fascinating. Rio is the beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema, statue of Christ the Redeemer.
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 05.10.13
Rio de Janeiro web Cam online
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The Harbour Of Stavanger
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