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The Beach Of Las Brisas. Jamaica web camera online

The Beach Of Las Brisas. Jamaica web camera online

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Lucia, is a coastal city on the island of Jamaica and administrative town in the parish of Hanover. Lucea, Jamaica was home to many expats working on the island. Fort Charlotte (fort Charlotte) was built in 1761. His brick barracks were built to house the king's soldiers. In the early 20th century, these barracks were converted into a secondary school. In the vicinity of the city grows a variety of tropical fruits as well as beans and soy, which is an important product for export. The beach of Las Brisas which is located in the city of Lucea is one of the most beautiful beaches in Jamaica. This place is also like to sample how the locals and tourists alike come here in search of adventure. Golden sandy beaches, azure sea, with tropical climate and palm tree vegetation, makes the beach particularly romantic. On the beach you can also stay in comfortable hotels, which opens directly onto the sea. In the evenings there is music plays local clubs, and a tropical climate that prevails here all the time, makes summer and holidays year-round. Here's a favorite with tourists from Europe and America. Variety of beautiful terrain makes not to extend his planned vacation. Jamaica though is not the rich countries there are places where you can relax.
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