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Quebec,Canadathe city and the administrative center of one of the beautiful, the heart and cradle of North America. The city was founded in 1608, at the time, under the sheer cliff at this place is a tribe of Indians. The first colonists were given a warm welcome, then had never seen a white person, and on such large ships on which they sailed. The French Explorer, Shamlan, who founded Quebec, only planned to organize there a small settlement, he had no idea that it would be a big city. The city even left some of the walls of the building which was built during the first prosperity of the city. The remaining wall bears the historical significance. Time and again the British attacked the French colony, so in 1759, the French city gave their powers to the British crown. The British, after the capture turned the city into an impregnable fortress. If you coercion bustle of the city, County place enchants with its beauty. For residents of Quebec, the protection of the environment is a matter of honor, but it is not surprising that a significant part of the province is national Park sank. In Quebec there is even a water Park where they study the life of marine mammals that whales and dolphins.
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The Quebec province city in Canada, founded in 1608, and is a trade and tourist centre of Canada. The name of the city is rooted in the distant past, in ancient times these lands were inhabited by Indians. The camera captures a Central area of the city D'youville.
Quebec, Canada 02.01.14
Square D'youville. QC in real-time
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Quebec, province of Canada, with a developed infrastructure, a population of 7.8 million people. The official language of Quebec is French. The economic direction of the province is natural resources. The camera falls Montorsi, which is 30 meters higher than Niagara.
Quebec, Canada 02.01.14
Montmorency (Montmorency Falls) web camera online
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Quebec is the largest province of Canada where the population is about 7.8 million people. The native language in Quebec is French for almost 80% of the population. The Parliament building of Quebec determines the acceptance of authority and decisions in various areas of life.
Quebec, Canada 02.01.14
Parliament building Quebec city web Cam online
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