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Oranjestadlocated on a small Caribbean island, was named after the ruling Royal dynasty, and is the administrative centAruba. Here wonderfully intertwined tropical nature and Dutch architecture, which are complemented by stunning ocean views. On the streets you will meet the elegant streets with colorful signs and colorful, like a toy, houses. In Oranjestad the main government offices, luxury hotels and huge shopping complexes. And, of course, there are many lovely sights as well as fabulously beautiful beaches, with white sand and turquoise water. In this amazing city you will find boutique shopping, beach relaxation, romantic chic restaurants, walking, sailing and sightseeing. Oranjestad has prepared for travelers a terrific variety of museums. In them you'll find echoes of the original culture, historical and archaeological treasures, the real treasures of sunken ships, the riches of the local nature and ancient fortifications. The surroundings are kept are not less charming areas than the center. So, on a neighboring island, you will meet with ancient National Park Arikok, as well as mysterious caves, Guadirkiri where once hid their wealth and preparing for upcoming voyages pirates of the Caribbean. For all of you who came here on our honeymoon, the island has prepared the most romantic cave – Tunnel of love. If you're bored at the beach and want to more actively pursue leisure – you have the opportunity to do parasailing, diving and jet boating, or boat. For the avid anglers in Oranjestad there are endless amount of opportunities to realize their potential. For everyone who loves noisy fun, on the streets and in the malls there are a number of festivals, parades and carnivals. The most significant of these are the Annual carnival, the procession of torches and a children's parade and festive demonstration on the birthday of the Dutch Queen. Interesting event is also a folk festival Bon Bini, which is held in the evenings every Tuesday, whatever the weather and time of year. Visiting it, you will see an incendiary folk dances, crafts exhibitions, and artistic works of talented artists, listen to ethnic music and taste the national dishes.
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Oranjestad, capital city of state of Aruba. Aruba being an island state and a full-fledged part of the Netherlands, lies the island in the South Caribbean, near the Islands of Venezuela. Aruba is the exclusive means of recreation for tourists.
Oranjestad, Aruba 04.11.13
Aruba Caribbean web Cam online
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Oranjestad is a city on the island and the government of Aruba, located in the southern part of the Caribbean sea. With the Dutch in Oranjestad means Orange town, very beautiful name especially for this island. The camera shoots beach hotel Bucuti & Tara Beach Resorts.
Oranjestad, Aruba 04.11.13
Caribbean Islands. Aruba web Cam online
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