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Goiania Avenida T7

Goiania Avenida T7

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Goiania, Brazil,this is no ordinary town, the city was founded in 1935, and today its population is 1320 000 inhabitants, the city is part of a major Metropolitan area, and is the capital of the state of goiás. The climate of the state is tropical, and is located in the tropical Cerrado Ecoregion, which is characterized by rich bio diversity. I must say that the city is drowned in tropical greenery. The history of the state associated with the discovery in these places the gold in 1727. A military unit led by Bartolomeu Bueno da Silveira, developed the gold mining until 1850. With the closure of mining, the main activity of the hedgehog skorenovac here people was agriculture. Today in the state of goiás grow soybeans of higher grades. Today, the Park makes a huge contribution to the Brazilian economy, except for agriculture, automotive industry, textile factory factories production of household appliances has influenced the development of every major city, which became one of the capitals of the country. The city was built by Pedro Ludovico Terceira, and initially his task was to build a new capital in the region (well he did it). Specially designed plan corrected all the streets under right angles, so all the neighborhoods in the city have accurate square shape.
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It would be difficult to imagine a city in the Brazilian jungle, a city like Goiania, make life around the rainforest. All the art of the city is that it is a very young city, but its architectural shape is characterized by a rich modern style.
Goiania, Brazil 03.03.14
Goiania is the capital of the Brazilian state of Goias
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Goiania, a city in the Central part of Brazil, is a city with a unique location. The city seems to be immersed in tropical vegetation. The architecture of the city characterized by young age of the city. Feature Goiania is its parks making this city the greenest in the world.
Goiania, Brazil 03.03.14
Street Avenida 85. Brazil
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