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Auburn Alabama, the College street - Magnolia Avenue in real-time


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The Auburn USAlocated in a secluded South Alabama in Lee County. The main attraction of this great town is the local University. Which actually is broadcast by the webcam. Located at the intersection of two streets College street and Magnolia Avenue. The most interesting of this University originates from the first years of founding, namely 1982. Two people who have founded two universities, one of which was in our city, and the other was a little older in Tuscaloosa. Because they were sporting spirit, both universities have created a football team. Already in the first match in the 1983 Auburn defeated their rivals, and from that moment began their feud that lasts to this day. It would seem that the spirit of competition and not something special. It is South of friends, so the opponents so hate each other that rush to another camp is considered a betrayal. In town there is a small Playground, where there are two old oak. According to tradition, after the games, the students according to his custom, fill up the trees with toilet paper, it's called opulent trees. The University has many interesting legends and stories associated with football. However, about 40 years, the teams never met in combat, then the Department of Alabama, issued a decision to renew the rivalry, both of the University to put it mildly reacted disregard. But the management reminded them that both institutions are state institutions that are completely dependent on the budget of the state-VA.

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The camera transmits a view of one of the most popular restaurants among the students of Auburn University – Toomer''s Corner, located at the intersection of Magnolia Avenue and College street in Auburn, Alabama, USA. This place is a center for important student events and celebrations, sports, cultural, social and educational nature.
Auburn, USA 25.01.16
South College street web Cam online
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Web camera installed at Haley Center, Auburn, Alabama, USA. Here are the Department of the "Seven liberal arts", referring to the famous Auburn University, the most important and most beautiful building which you can see in the center of the monitored area. In the left part of the screen is a large student dining room, next to which stands the Department of "Chemical engineering". Not far away is another attraction of the city stadium Jordan-hare.
Auburn, USA 25.01.16
Street Thach Concourse web camera online
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The webcam will broadcast a view of the construction site, which produces the erection of another building for one of the oldest and most prestigious US Universities – Auburn University. You can in real time to observe one of the most important events in the scientific, educational and social life of the city and the region.
Auburn, USA 25.01.16
Mel Class web camera online
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Webcam broadcasts overlooking Samford park in Auburn, Alabama, USA. View covers part of the facade of the building Auburn University and the territory adjacent thereto, which has recently been planted with young seedlings of the famous relict oaks, with the participation of student activists and employees of the forestry administration and research center of wild nature.
Auburn, USA 25.01.16
Samford Park (Samford Park) web camera online
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Webcam broadcasts one of the favorite places of the famous students of Auburn University. This is a spacious Playground Carter Lawn, which hosts various social and cultural events. Located next to the object of the academic building of the College "Seven liberal arts" and "Chemical engineering", as well as a beautiful building of great library.
Auburn, USA 25.01.16
Cater Lawn Auburn web Cam online
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