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Prospekt Lenina - one of the central streets and the main highway in Volzhsky, Volgograd region. Passes from north-west to south-east along the entire length of the city - from the bridge across the Volzhskaya HPP to Metallurg settlement.
Volzhsky, Russia 06.07.18
Prospect of Lenin. Webcams Volzhsky online
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Before us the Central Department of the city of Volzhskiy. The camera is installed on Lenin Avenue and shows us the traffic situation in the centre and the entrance to the Department store. This store first opened its doors to customers in 1975. For the locals of TSUM has long been a favorite place of shopping.
Volzhsky, Russia 06.07.18
Cum. Volzhskiy in real-time
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The web camera broadcasts a crossroads of Engels-Sovetskaya streets in the city of Volzhsky in real time.
Volzhsky, Russia 06.07.18
Intersection of Engels' streets - Sovetskaya
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The city of regional significance in the Volgograd region of Russia. The municipal Okrug of the city of Volzhskiy. One of the largest industrial cities of the Lower Volga, the second largest in the region and 60th in the list of cities of Russia. Population: 326055 people Together with the Volgograd forms the core of the Volgograd agglomeration with a total population of 1.3-1.4 million people.
Volzhsky, Russia 06.06.18
Street Of The World. Webcam of the Volga online
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On your screen that the area of Work, which is essentially a circular movement in the center of the Volga. Stella, which we see in the square, established in honor of the 25th anniversary of the city in 1979. This view of the ring is revealed from the 9-floor house №32 on the South side of the square.
Volzhsky, Russia 06.06.18
Area Labor - TTS Idea. Volzhskiy in real-time
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Panorama Of Kerch. Circular panoramic webcam on mount Mithridates in Kerch, overlooking the entire city and the Crimean bridge.
Kerch, Crimea 27.05.18
Panoramic webcam Kerch
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Webcam broadcasts Benches - snake in the Trekhsvyatskaya street. Trekhsvyatskaya street (former street Uritsky) is a pedestrian street located in the historic centre of Tver. The street runs North to South perpendicular to the Volga from the Stepan Razin Embankment at a point on the South before joining the Tverskoy Prospekt at the point close to the Square of Kaposvár.
Tver, Russia 27.05.18
Trekhsvyatskaya street. Webcam Tver online – Central part of the city
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The Palace of culture. Kurchatov has been operating since 1989. Prior to 2005, was a division of the Rostov nuclear power plant. In 2005 was transferred to the municipal formation "the City of Volgodonsk"
Volgodonsk, Russia 26.05.18
The Palace of Culture named after KURCHATOV in real-time
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The cinema "Komsomolets" in Volgodonsk is located in Cultural and entertainment complex at the address: street of Enthusiasts, 17/15. In the cinema there is a Small room (3D) 180 and (2D) with 480 seats, which features the city's largest screen. Cinema halls equipped with advanced projection equipment, multi-channel sound systems.
Volgodonsk, Russia 26.05.18
The Komsomolets cinema in Volgodonsk in real-time
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Web camera in Volgodonsk, Victory square. Adjacent area with the districts №№ 4, 5, 6, 10 and 18, as well as Victory Park. The right area is limited by the Lenin street. Go to the square, the House of culture "October", branch of Mail of Russia, Volgodonsk ecological-historical Museum and the hotel "Art city Volgodonsk".
Volgodonsk, Russia 26.05.18
Victory Plaza. Webcam Volgodonsk online
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A webcam broadcasts the intersection of Kurchatov and Gagarin street. Volgodonsk — most Eastern city of the Rostov region located in the Eastern part, between the two million-plus cities — Rostov-on-don and Volgograd and in proximity to the main cities of the major regions of the Russian Federation — Stavropol, Krasnodar and Elista.
Volgodonsk, Russia 26.05.18
Kurchatova Prospekt. Webcam Volgodonsk online
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January 15, 1976, established a New city. At the same time sounded the slogan "Give the installation in three days the floor." The slogan built most of the houses in the new part of Volgodonsk. It is on the Avenue Builders is the first five-storey building of the new city, which settled tenants.
Volgodonsk, Russia 26.05.18
The Avenue Builders. Webcam Volgodonsk online
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Webcam broadcasts Komsomolskaya square. Named in memory of the deeds of the Volga city Komsomol organization. Glorious deeds she was known not only in the Volgograd region. May 17, 1966 the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR awarded the Komsomol organization Volzhsky order of the red banner of Labor, and then learned about it in the whole country.
Volzhsky, Russia 24.05.18
Administration. Webcam Volga
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Volzhsky Institute of Humanities (branch) Volgograd state University implements a full cycle of training of students, including 2 areas of training secondary vocational education, 9 directions of bachelor, 5 master degree programmes and 2 postgraduate programs. Also the Institute conducted a training for 4 additional educational programs.
Volzhsky, Russia 24.05.18
Volzhsky Institute of Humanities in real-time
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On Sverdlov square near the medical College earned the first and only "smart" stop. The pavilion is equipped with USB ports to charge various phones and Wi-Fi. There is also a electronic display where you can see the map of the city, to know the movement of buses on different routes, time of arrival of public transport at this stop and the final destination.
Volzhsky, Russia 24.05.18
Sverdlov Square. Smart stop web camera online
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Stavropol, Caucasian region, is located on the hills of the Caucasus mountains, on the river Tashla at the top of his mouth. Web camera shoots Lenin square, where is also located the Board of of the city and Stavropol, Lenin's monument.
Stavropol, Russia 19.10.13
Lenin square, Stavropol webcam online
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Non-governmental organization Sayramskogo shelter started its work in 2005, in order to reduce the excessive number of stray animals in finding new homes for stray cats on the island of Saaremaa in Estonia.
Kuressaare, Estonia 08.02.17
Animal shelter public organization "SAAREMAA LT"
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